A cross-border collaboration

Project Partners


The EWWD programme will be led by HexTransforma Healthcare in conjunction with nine partners and working closely with many more research institutions in France and the United Kingdom. This partnership will enable the proliferation of ideas & innovative design which can be deployed across multiple EU states.

hextransforma healthcare

Project Partners

AD'Missions is a leading umbrella company which offers an agile solution for companies and the self-employed, allowing them to contract the contribution of tailored skills to their needs. The company develops a panel of services to support them in the growth of their business and their relationships with companies.

Southwood provides consulting, business assurance, data privacy and related services to select clientele. Their mission is to enable clients, colleagues, and communities to fulfil aspirations while building lasting, caring relationships.

Diabetes UK has a vision for a world where diabetes can do no harm. The purpose of Diabetes UK is to prevent Type 2 diabetes, campaign for and support everyone affected by diabetes, and fund research that will one day lead us to a cure.

Cardiff University is involved in EWWD through Dr. Mohammad Al-Amri, a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Healthcare Sciences. Dr. Al-Amri is the lead of the Sensor Physiotherapy Intervention (SPIN) Research Group at Cardiff University, which aims to research the use of digital technology in movement science and rehabilitation. SPIN Research Group is aimed at finding innovative solutions to delivering even better quality of healthcare and outcomes for those living with musculoskeletal knee conditions.

NXP is a worldwide Semiconductors Company which has 4 sites in France. NXP Caen is renowned for its many partnerships with universities and research laboratories. These partnerships include many companies and research teams which specialise in the fields of semiconductors, nanoelectronics, electronic banking, information technology and digital technology. The Caen site hosts 3 branches: Edge Processing, Smart Antenna Solutions and Connectivity & Security. The site also hosts Technology & Operations and Support Functions.

Dydon aims to empower sustainable decision makers in a multitude of business capacities to make informed decisions via Dydon’s intuitive, swift, and transparent AI solution. Dydon knows that the implementation of AI-based solutions should be at the top of the list for businesses to transition into an era of prime efficiency leading to effective results. The Dydon AI platform aims to support health care monitoring for better results.

SDG Partners Ltd is an established thought leader in Programme, Project and Change Management. They provide a tailored service that assists clients in establishing their options, defining their project needs and managing the project delivery across a range of industries including Finance, Manufacturing and Medical Devices.

UNICAEN is a major player of and a driving force for the development of higher education and research in Normandy. Its role in the project is to help towards the research and patient data collection for the machine learning model.