Ignite your competitive spirit in a fun and exciting project and provide mentoring for your local school or volunteer to judge the entries. By sharing your knowledge and expertise you have the opportunity to inspire the next generation of innovative problem solvers and game changers.

As a mentor, you will work alongside student teams, providing knowledge and advice to help them work through the product conceptualisation and design process. We will be pairing mentors with teams based on shared interests and relevant experience to help the teams reach the grand finale.

Does this sound like you?

What skills are we looking for in mentors?

The competition comprises of three heats covering - product conceptualisation, market research and branding and product design and specification.

If you have skills or experience in any of these topics, work in a medical or digital technology business, or can offer facilitation skills we would love to have you on board to support the student teams and help them win!

We would like to offer teams additional engagement opportunities with industry experts. Can you offer a unique experience like a workshop, site visit or training session?

How much time does a mentor need to invest?

The competition will run from January 2022 to December 2022. During that period the maximum time we would expect mentors to invest is approximately 15 hours. However mentors can allocate as little or as much time they spare to support their student team. Each team will have access to multiple mentors so that there is no pressure on individuals.

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