EWWD Academy Intern Diaries: Krish Patel

By Veronica Kocovska

EWWD Academy Intern Diaries: Krish Patel

Next in our Intern Diaries series we spoke to Krish Patel, who is currently in the Marketing & Communications department for his first rotation during the internship. Read on to see what attracted him to apply for the position, and what he considers his strongest skill to be.

What are you hoping to get out of the EWWD Academy?

I’m hoping to get an understanding of how the medical field can benefit from the use of innovative services, such as the implementation of AI. I’m also looking forward to rotating through the various departments of HexTransforma as I’m interested to see how each department has a role in the EWWD.

How did you find the interview process?

I was slightly nervous before the interview started. However, the interview process itself was fairly laid-back and the interviewers were accommodating and very easy to talk to. I always prefer an interview where I feel as if I am able to have a conversation with my potential employer, rather than an assessment centre.

Which department are you most excited to be working in?

I am really enjoying being a part of the Marketing team. Everyone is so nice and very good at what they’re doing, which motivates me to work harder and more efficiently. I’m also excited to visit the technologically focused departments as I have a background in some of these areas. I should also add, I’m excited to visit all of the departments!

What are your professional aspirations?

Professionally, I had always hoped I’d be in a job which I found to be both personally interesting and beneficial to others. Thankfully I can now say I have met those criteria. I have always had an interest in technology and how it can be used to better the lives of others, and working for HexTransforma certainly matches that description!

When you hear ‘Medical Technology’, what springs to mind?

Defibrillator! Not entirely sure why that specifically, given everything I currently know about the field of medical technology. But more precisely I would say AI also springs to mind, as does wearable technology, since I owned a Fitbit (which I lost some time ago).

What are you most apprehensive about starting at the EWWD Academy?

The early mornings. Only joking, I’m sure they get easier. I don’t really have any apprehensions on starting the EWWD Academy. It’s something I can really get behind.

What attracted you to apply for this internship?

The main element that attracted me to the internship was the fact that technology and innovation would be combined with the medical field. My background is in innovative technologies and I have paired it with the music industry in the past.

What would you say is your strongest skill?

I would say I thrive best in creative environments. I also enjoy working with a team and working with the fantastic marketing department has sharpened my teamworking skills.

One of the rotations toward the end of the internship will be in France – have you ever been to France?

I’ve been to Paris before when I was quite young; I remember visiting the Eiffel Tower among the other attractions Paris has to offer. I’m really excited about going to France again – I’m sure it will be a great experience!

We’re wishing Krish all the best for his internship experience!

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