EWWD Academy Intern Diaries: Krish Patel

By Evie Fisher

EWWD Academy Intern Diaries: Krish Patel

Next in our Intern Diaries series we spoke to Krish Patel, who has just finished his first rotation in the Marketing department. Read on to see what he learned and his experiences in the department.

Which department were you in, and what were some tasks that you carried out?

During my rotation in marketing, I had several tasks that had to be carried out on a daily/weekly basis. This included tasks such as scheduling the social media posts for the EWWD Twitter and Facebook for the week commencing. I was also tasked with running the internal National Walking Month challenge, partnering with Diabetes UK and trying to get the Hex employees to walk 3 million steps throughout the month of May.

What skills did you learn from this rotation/department?

I learned how to effectively communicate with a team on a project that has many moving parts. I also learned how to write several pieces, including press releases, one pagers, and blog posts.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Trying to coordinate with different departments on a common goal (National Walking Month) when everyone is so busy. It was difficult at first as I was new and didn’t want to impose on people’s workload as everyone is always busy at any given time.

What have you enjoyed the most about the internship so far?

Working on tasks that will help the company. Such as doing research for Brit-Med, contacting businesses for the Med-Tech Challenge, writing blogs, coordinating National Walking Month.

If there’s one thing you could improve, what would it be?

I don’t have anything that I would have improved at this stage. It’s all been very interesting and I’ve learned a lot.

When do you have the most fun at work?

Working with others on a project, or doing something I haven’t done before. It’s exciting and I learn a lot.

What has been your most successful project to date?

National Walking Month! We managed go beyond our targets of 3 million steps and our donation target of £300 (we got £340) to Diabetes UK for the month of May. This was great as it was a collective effort with an individual reward for the top walker.

What do you like about working at this company?

The people and the company’s objectives. Everyone is so nice and helpful, not to mention really good at what they do. It drives me to do my best and puts a smile on my face, which isn’t always a bad thing! Also, I love what the company is trying to achieve in terms of products/services. I feel like they will be able to help a lot of people, which is something I can get behind.

We're wishing Krish the best of luck in his next rotation! You can also see his first blog on our website here.