EWWD Academy Intern Diaries: Evie Fisher

By Veronica Kocovska

Next in our Intern Diaries series we spoke to Evie Fisher, who is currently in the HR & Admin department for her first rotation during the internship. Read on to see what attracted her to apply for the position, and what he considers she was most apprehensive about when starting the internship.

What are you hoping to get out of the EWWD Academy?

I think it is going to be an all-round invaluable experience. Not only will I learn new skills, both professional and technical, but I’ll be able to get an insight into what interests me and what it’s like to work for a fast-growing company. Hopefully by the end of it my career opportunities will greatly increase.

How did you find the interview process?

I found it to be a smooth and friendly process. I had an interview remotely over Teams and was interviewed by three people. This was slightly nerve-wracking at first, however once it got started the interview was very easy-going. They seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say and were positive throughout.

What department are you most excited to be working in?

I’m looking forward to working in all of them, however I’d say Marketing and Communications is the one that interests me the most. The duties of this department appeal to me as there’s a lot of room for creativity, plus marketing plays such a vital role across every sector.

What are your professional aspirations?

This answer has varied throughout my life. If you’d asked me at 10 years old, I would’ve said a film star! However, in more recent years my aim has been to join a company with good values, a good team and a healthy working environment and work my way up to a managerial position in it.

When you hear ‘Medical Technology’, what springs to mind?

If I’m honest, before starting this internship that would be something that I wouldn’t have known much about. Now I have a better idea of what it is, and I know it can cover a range of things from ultrasound scans to 3D printing.

What are you most apprehensive about starting at the EWWD Academy?

I’d say having to work in areas I never saw myself in before this, such as learning basic coding theory and using Python. However, I’m always keen to learn and I do enjoy testing myself, also I’m sure the team will be very supportive in the learning process.

What attracted you to apply for this internship?

Firstly, I like the idea of being able to learn across a wide range of departments as it will broaden my skillset and give me practical experience. Secondly, after seeing the company’s mission and all it’s hoping to achieve, I think it’s a great industry to work in, especially after everything that’s happened with coronavirus.

One of the rotations toward the end of the internship will be in France – have you ever been to France?

I’ve been to France many times as it was a popular destination for our family camping trips when I was younger. We mainly camped along the west coast, in places such as Lacanau and Jard-sur-Mer. Aside from these trips, I have been to Paris a few times with friends.

Do you speak any French?

I can speak some French, although I’d say I can understand it better than I can speak it. I studied the language up to A-Level in the UK (up to 18 years old), however I have not had many opportunities to practise since. I’m looking forward to brushing up on it throughout the internship!

We’re wishing Evie all the best for her internship experience!

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