EWWD Academy Intern Diaries: Evie Fisher

By Evie Fisher

EWWD Academy Intern Diaries: Evie Fisher

Next in our Intern Diaries series we spoke to Evie Fisher, who has just finished her first rotation in the HR, Admin and Finance department. Read on to see what she learned and her experiences in the department.

Which department were you in, and what were some tasks that you carried out?

My first department was HR, Admin and Finance. I had several tasks I had to do, both recurring and one off. In general, for HR and Admin, I worked on recruitment as we have had a lot of open positions the past couple of months. Tasks for this would involve arranging and taking part in interviews, sorting through CVs, etc. For finance, I mainly dealt with invoices and registering them on QuickBooks, the financial software we use at the company.

What skills did you learn from this rotation/department?

One skill that was definitely strengthened in this rotation was organisation. If I didn’t stay on top of my tasks and prioritise them well, I would have made a lot of mistakes. I also developed some skills in Excel which I’m hoping to expand more on throughout my internship.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Working on a task called a 3-year cash flow forecast. It was to help the company be able to see better what their costs would be over the next three years, such as staff salary and office costs, compared to the revenue that would be coming in. I’ve never worked on something like this before, it involved dealing with a lot of data and inputting it correctly in Excel.

What have you enjoyed the most about the internship so far?

I’d say the thing I’ve enjoyed the most is that I’m never bored. I’ve been learning a lot these past few months and there has always been a lot to do, which works well for me as I enjoy having a heavy workload.

If there’s one thing you could improve, what would it be?

I always appreciate getting feedback on work that I’ve done, so I know if I need to improve or if I’ve done something well so I can carry on doing that. Most of the time I did get feedback, but there have been a couple of instances when I didn’t, and since this is a learning internship, I feel it’d be good to make sure feedback is given on projects.

When do you have the most fun at work?

When I’m at the office and my team members are in as well. Working remotely is fine, but it feels nicer to see your team in person, to be able to bounce off of each other for ideas about work or to have a chat about things that aren’t work related.

What has been your most successful project to date?

I think the video I made for new employees to learn how to use SharePoint. I thought it’d be a good idea for them to have a how-to video for how the company uses SharePoint, like how to navigate sites and access apps that we use. I recorded it, did the voiceover and edited it on my own, and now it’s a part of the new starter package we give to new employees.

What do you like about working at this company?

It’s nice to be working for a company that has worthwhile projects, and to feel that my work is contributing towards something that will help people. I also really enjoy the office space, especially being so central in Brighton so there are lots of great places to go to on your lunch break!

We're wishing Evie the best of luck in her next rotation! You can also see her first blog here.